Toolkit: Creating an MOU

Running your own business all by yourself is not a simple task, you will face all kinds of issues all the time and for most people, this represents a problem, especially for rookies with no previous experience. If you have some previous experience running a business, then you will be able to deal with these responsibilities easier. One of the things that rookies always miss out on is the importance of collaborating with some other businesses. Even if you are doing everything well, your business might be failing because you are not collaborating with other businesses.


We made this article specially to explain the importance of having and how to create an MOU for your collaboration with another business. In case that you already know about the MOU, you should also read this article because you might learn something new that will help you get some advantage next time you want to collaborate with other businesses.

Basic Information

The first thing that you should need is some really basic information about the MOU. Because without this information you can embarrass yourself in front of other business owners.


First of all, let’s start off by explaining the meaning of MOU, Memorandum of Understanding is a written legal agreement that is used by two business owners who want to collaborate with each other. It is mostly used to keep everything under records so neither of business owners would take advantage of some situations.

Building a Working Relationship

One of the main reasons why you need to have an MOU when collaborating is because it will build you a working relationship between the two of you. In many situations where people didn’t use this type of legal agreement, a lot of issues have appeared, and the collaboration wasn’t successful at all. Furthermore, people would lose money and time that they have invested in the collaboration. Therefore, having an agreement like this is really important if you want to save yourself from a lot of trouble.

Creating a working relationship between two people is not easy, but if you use an MOU agreement. The process of the two of you working together will be completely smooth and nothing will go wrong. There are certain rules that you will have to obey, and those rules will make the entire collaboration much easier. Setting us a structure for a partnership like this is only possible if you use an MOU.